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We have a massive stock of lumber that changes very quickly, if you are looking for something fill out our Reclaimed Lumber and Slab forms.

Seasoned Firewood

Lets not forget all the Firewood! We have been doing business as Firewood Farms

since 1988. Hardwood, Fruit wood, Softwood, we got it!

Firewood delivery available in San Mateo County
Oak Oak is abundant in the United States and is considered one of the best species for firewood. Dried properly, it can produce a very slow-burning and hot fire.
Almond A hard nut wood is great for cooking,pizza ovens, BBQ #1 choice for authentic Italian pizza. We deliver to restaurants too.
Pine Pine is a soft wood it burns fast and hot , its great for starting your fire place and for outdoor fire pits. It is less expensive than oak and other hardwoods
Eucalyptus A great firewood it burns slow and hot. The BTU output of Eucalyptus equals Oak. Very abundant in the bay area is a good choice. It can be hard to start, 1/4 cord of Pine for starting is recommended.
in the woods

To preserve our natural resources through salvage and deconstruction.

Prevent wood from entering landfills.

Our Mission


We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best materials available for our products and stand by the craftsmanship and quality of each and every order.


Some species of wood we commonly find include Redwood and Doug Fir, both these materials stand the test of time and can withstand some of the harshest environmental elements. The Growth Ring Count illustrates the fact that the old lumber is of a far higher quality than what is available today.


The urban salvage side to our business allows us to use an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill to harvest dead, dying or diseased trees to create some wonderful slab stock.


All our wood inventory has been sourced from within 200 miles of our facility and we can typically source and craft out products at less than 20% the industry average in transportation related emissions.  We are a true green business in every sense and hope you can enjoy our products for many years to come.

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Phone (650) 726-1702

551 San Mateo Rd. (Hwy 92)

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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For many years Firewood Farms has provided the San Mateo Coastside community. Now we are expanding into, reclaimed lumber, barn and tankwood, redwood slabs, custom flooring, chainsaw sculpture and much more.

Chainsaw Carvings

Each carving is hand crafted to produce a one of a kind look, excellent for decorating. Custom hand carved redwood bears, eagles, seals, and totem poles, plus chainsaw carvings up to 20 feet tall. Our fair prices, our ingenious creativity, and of course our beautiful carvings all add up to great and creative fun.

Slab Inquiry

If you are looking for a slab, we have them of any kind of wood we can get our hands on. get for tables, bars, counter tops and anything else you can think of. Check out our inquiry form. Because of our quickly rotating stock it is hard to say what we have here but we have lots of stock ready to go.

Reclaimed Inquiry

Most of our lumber is reclaimed from antiquated structures, buildings and old residential homes. Some old structure dating back as far as the 1820's often yield the most amazing wood. Construction of some structures only the highest grade lumber was used. For example the old redwood water tanks often hide quality wood that can be re-used in new projects.

Custom milling

Firewood Farms specializes in making flooring, trim, and siding for any new or old build. We can fulfill large custom orders of almost any kind while remaining 100% GREEN! We provide local wood products all with a story, come on by and check out what we do!

Redwood stepping stones and small rounds in many sizes Give us a call or email for a price quote and available sizes


We manufacture with high grade lumber to produce durable, environmentally friendly products that beautify any space. Our strong belief in a responsible attitude to preserving natural resources along with our policy toward harvesting only dead / diseased trees give our clients a clear mind with each purchase
Only need a small amount?

We have pre bagged firewood great for camping, firepits, BBQ or a special night at home. we also have ready to go kindling. We also sell it buy the bag or trunk or truck load.