Have and old barn that needs to be taken down?


 We do that we also are certified to get you the proper paperwork. We work with Habitat for Humanity getting you the best tax benefits. Just contact us and we can work a plan out.


We specialize in deconstruction donations. If you choose deconstruction the materials from your home may be donated to a non profit recycling company instead of ending up in a landfill. You would be eligible for a tax deduction to help offset the costs of deconstruction. You end up with a tax donation and help green the earth at the same time. We have seen first-hand the amount of debris that is thrown away, wasted, and polluted our earth.


  When we discovered deconstruction, it encouraged us to branch out into our own company, in hopes of creating a better future for our children. We focus on the community and provide an easy way to donate materials for tax credits. Don’t throw your building materials away. Let US donate them and earn YOU tax credits, all while saving the earth.


Our Mission

To preserve our natural resources through salvage and deconstruction. Prevent wood from entering landfills. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best materials available for our products and stand by the craftsmanship and quality of each and every order. Some species of wood we commonly find include Redwood and Doug Fir, both these materials stand the test of time and can withstand some of the harshest environmental elements. The Growth Ring Count illustrates the fact that the old lumber is of a far higher quality than what is available today. The Urban salvage side to our business allows us to use an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill to harvest dead, dying or diseased trees to create some wonderful slab stock. Under no circumstances do we harvest living trees our products and stand by responsible forest management. All our wood inventory has been sourced from within 200 miles of our facility and we can typically source and craft out products at less than 20% the industry average in transportation related emissions. We are a true green business in every sense and hope you can enjoy our products for many years to come. Office Phone (650) 726-1702