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Urban salvaged lumber and logs.

We prevent logs, lumber and green waste heading to the landfill and create sustainable products. Our business has four distinct sides: Firewood Products, Chainsaw Carved Wood Sculptures, Live Edge Wood Slabs, Reclaimed / Salvaged lumber & timbers

We Love to
work with wood...

…and we have been doing so for 35 years. Our humble beginnings started with firewood and chainsaw art and now includes much more. Our Reclaimed and Salvaged wood products include, Flooring, Trim, Siding, Countertops, Paneling, Stair treads, Beams, Timbers and Slab Furniture. Basically we recover the raw material from structures destined for the landfill and re-manufacture the wood into Usable Products. Our business is a true ‘Green’ business and we pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest quality products with the lowest transport and manufacture related emissions. Typically our material is sourced within a 100 mile radius of our facility and then we turn this raw stock into products that last a lifetime.

Our Chainsaw Sculptures are some of the best to be found – We have a combined experience of over 120 yrs in the industry and love to create sculptures of all shapes and sizes. One of the largest pieces we completed weighed over 19 tons and stood over 19 ft tall.

Established in 1981

Our business was started in the early 80’s as a firewood supply business.
Shortly after opening, we started to create chainsaw art alongside firewood related duties – This was the main focus of the business for many years.
During the late 90’s other avenues seemed viable so we extended the product line and started to offer for sale Live Edge Wood Slabs. This aspect presented many different challenges and after several years of cutting and handling logs the basic processes became second nature. For the last 5 years have we focused in on the Reclaimed / Salvaged lumber business – We are very proud to offer our reclaimed products, we sell reclaimed lumber in the raw; we also offer many re-manufactured products using first growth timbers salvaged from structures in our area. Our non-profit alliances include Habitat for Humanity & Community based organisations across the SF Bay Area.

Our Affiliates