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Custom carvings

Do you have a tree stump in your front yard and you are not sure what to do with it? Are you looking for a one of a kind wood sculpture? We can come to you and create a one of a kind masterpiece using the material on your property! Firewood Farms offers chainsaw sculpture of almost any size or shape. Our master craftsman can also create a piece for you using material provided by us here at Firewood Farms.

We can make dreams come true…there really is no job too large that we can’t handle. We take custom orders for wood carvings of any kind. Most of our sculptures are carved from sustainably sourced redwood. If a different type of wood is desired please let us know.

View Our Process
Step 1

The Beginnings

Before we start our carving process, we need to know what we are creating. We first want to learn what inspired our clients to want to create a custom piece. We want to see pictures of inspiration from other carvings, we want to know the ideal size, the type of material, and where it will be placed. The more information the better for creating the right custom carving.

Step 2

Pick your type of Item

Next step is choosing the type of material we will be carving. Will the material be on-site? Will we be providing the material? Will the material need recovery? What is the size of the piece? This will allow us to create an estimate.

Step 3

Recieve Estimate

Third step is creating an estimate that is exactly based on the needs of the client. Our only requirement is 50% down payment before the customization is started.

Step 4

Carver does the job

Next we pass our carving job to artist Steffen Merla. Steffen will fly into Firewood Farms twice a year to work on all of the carving customizations. Since Stefflen is limited on time having all of the information ready is extremely vital in creating the custom piece every client wants.

Step 5

Ready for pick up

After the custom piece has been carved it will be ready for pick-up. Only thing needed is to come get the piece and the final 50% payment.

About the artist

Steffen Merla is a German based artists who has been creating chainsaw art for the past 9 years. He has dedicated 13 years of his life as a teacher in a school for the gifted in Elisabethfehn, Germany. Check out his current work for Guiness book of world records here.

You can find some of his other creations scattered around various locations in California’s beautiful Bay Area. Please inquire about shipping, we can ship both locally and internationally.

Have a stump in your backyard you want carved?